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Okey guys, i figured it out. When the game first loads, the first page for selecting your language has the controller options underneath. F1 to toggle from joystick to SNES controller. Don't know how i missed this.

Good that you found it! Enjoy the game!

Help please, I cant get my 8bit guy snes controller to work. am i missing something.


play game with proper graphics, fork over some cash. is this a c64 thing or was this scene always so pathetic?

gonna wait for the csdb release next year thx

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Dear @noggerinos, a few points:

  • The graphics you see here were payed with real money to the artists by RGCD
  • There will be a Cartridge release with this version
  • You can play (and see the code) for free, you don't need to pay just get the Community Edition (

Stay happy and healthy my friend :-)

Well said, Marcelo.

A slightly different shooter, but I like it a lot.

I've put together a longplay video with all skill levels completed. For me, the Dynamic Destroyer and Arced Assailant are too fast in the sideways movement, but I completely forgot to use the Sturdy Striker on hard level, so maybe a little bit odd to see the Old Faithful here ;)

That's cool, well done!

Well done, I really like it. There's more to it than meets the eye and I enjoy the concept. Recommended.

thanks for the feedback! Happy 2022!